5 Free Blogging Platforms to get Started with Blogging

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5 Free Blogging Platforms

What is a Blog?

So what is a blog, or better, “blogging” in actuality? A blog is a shortened version of the original term “weblog” which, in a layman’s terms, can be explained as an online journal. This journal may contain, but not limited to:

  • Day to day activities—also known as Personal Blog
  • Systemic and educative explanation of various technical theories
  • Knowledge-base articles
  • Blog dedicated to kids
  • Niche blogs

This article contains the best 5 free blogging platforms. A typical content of the blog includes texts, pictures, videos, animated GIFs, scanned copy of offline documents, and PDFs. Thus, a blog is a very flexible form of communication, education, and information with multitude of people at once.

Now, if you’re newly venturing into the world of blogging, or want to do it as a hobby, you might not want to invest much initially in monetary terms. So what’s better than to take the path of free blog hosting.

5 Free Blogging platforms

So why just 5 Free Blogging Platforms and not many more? Well, these 5 Free Blogging Platforms are best in their category and are enough to get started with your blogging.

Here’s the list of 5 Free Blogging Platforms:

1. Blogger


Blogger, which belongs to Google, is one of the “ancient” site in the blogging market.

It has a pretty straight-forward account creation process. After the account is created, you can move to the next step, i.e., choosing the layout and the theme based on your blog’s personality. Blogger.com provides loads of responsive layout and theme which works best for all the devices, like, computer, mobile, tablet, etc.

Blogger has a pretty minimalist approach when it comes to appearance. With it, your writing becomes the chief architect rather than your layout skills.

If you’re not very tech-savvy, then this could be your deal. Besides, this platform is one of the best if you’re intending to continue your blogging as a side pursuit.

However, if there’s a chance of going for professional blogging, then this platform might not be for you. The rise of another blogging site, WordPress, gave stiff competition in terms of end-user experience. This made professional bloggers switch to WordPress and keep Blogger.com as their secondary blogging site or leave it altogether.

Thus, if you are contemplating of becoming professional blogger, it is advised to do thorough research on the choice of your platform as per your need.

Blogger has wide acceptance and easily fits under 5 Free Blogging Platforms.

2. WordPress


WordPress is easily the website with world domination when it comes to blogging. It conquers more than a third of the share of the world’s websites and gives the user every aspect of control over their website.

It is search engine friendly with thousands of responsive themes to alter the look of your website according to your whims and fancies.

It is a free blogging service where you get your website in the form of a sub-domain, additionally, it offers the paid blog service, in case, you want to make blogging as your primary source of income.

With its pre-made templates, you can start creating the site without any technical know-how. However, if you want to build it from the scratch, then you are required to have a little bit of technical knowledge.

Remember, Content is King, but then, who doesn’t want to go through an eye-pleasing layout when compared with a dull one. So, make sure that you have both—a pleasing User Interface and reader centric content.

Among the 5 Free Blogging Platforms, WordPress has highest acceptance.

3. Tumblr


If you’re someone who doesn’t want an essay like word-limit to hamper your blog, but prefer a short and crisp style, then you needn’t go looking anywhere further than Tumblr.

Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform with an integrated social media component. With an easy setup, and the layout along with Instagram like feel, it’s a perfect platform for budding bloggers who prefer a more brief way of blogging. Though, don’t venture into the Tumblr territory if you
want a formal approach to your blogging.

4. Wix


Wix is another popular website builder with the uniqueness of having drag-and-drop feature which can be easily handled by both—techies and newbies.

It provides numerous layouts and themes which you can choose as per your requirement. Additionally, Wix also has AI (Artificial Intelligence) to build the site for you if you aren’t technically sound.

This is done by the means of a questionnaire. This custom website designing gives Wix an edge over it’s competitors.

Wix offers you two plans to choose from—free version and paid version.

On a free version, Wix advertises itself at the top of your website which could be easily removed by upgrading your site to the paid version.

However, the sticky advertisement at the top of your website doesn’t interfere with the rest of the site, So, if that doesn’t hurt your eyes, then you can stick with the free plan. It still serves the purpose well.

The site is beginner friendly and is one of the leading blogging platforms of the world.

5. Weebly

Weebly, just like Wix, has drag-and-drop feature for building the website. It takes a much more modular approach to blogging and makes it pretty simple for beginners to learn through its easy-to-understand tactics.

One particularly different service that it offers is the ‘secret draft links’ which lets you preview your blog and share it for reviews before publishing it for the public. It also offers built-in SEO guides which is very helpful for the beginners.

The modular approach of Weebly has earned its 5 Free Blogging Platforms tag.


There are many more free blogging websites other than the above mentioned 5 Free Blogging Platforms to explore. It just depends on your taste and personality of the blog.

Other than 5 Free Blogging Platforms, you would also need Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing to spread a word about you.

You can read more about 8 Ethical Steps to Write a Blog here.

Danish Abbasi

Danish Abbasi

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