Facebook Marketing: Engaging, Refreshing, and Proven since 2004

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Facebook Marketing: Engaging, Refreshing, And Proven Since 2004

Before learning about Facebook Marketing, let’s first see what Facebook does.

Facebook, being the largest social media network in the world, holds a tremendous amount of potential to grow a business. Around 2.6 billion people use facebook every month to connect with their friends, family, and things that matter to them. Facebook has a versatile advertisement program that allows you to reach to billions of people through one platform. Facebook, basically being at the center stage of the online community, owns Instagram as well as the popular messaging app, WhatsApp.

Facebook has grown from a social media platform to a portal for everything. From games to world news, there’s everything. For a company, having a Facebook page is as necessary as having a website. Facebook also helps start-ups as well as content creators to create their online space.

What is Facebook Marketing?

What is Facebook Marketing?
What is Facebook Marketing?

When you create a Facebook page and actively use it as a communication channel to attract new customers, retain the existing ones, and market about your product or service, then it is called as Facebook Marketing. Facebook allows users to create individual profiles or business pages for companies, organizations, or any group attempting to develop a fan base for a product, service, or brand.

Facebook in 2004 has come as a game changer in the social media world and took over in a very short period of time. Before Facebook, social media was not a place for professional work, rather it was just used to get connected with friends and family. Today, they have come a long way. Everything is happening over social media, whether it’s shopping, business, or marketing.

Advertisements on Facebook

You can create an advertisement on facebook and reach to billions of people. Isn’t that amazing? Facebook automatically creates an audience and promotes your content to relevant accounts.

You can also create your own audience according to age, sex, demography, interests, and more. Knowing your audience is very important for online promotions as it can help you to fully utilize your spending. On the other hand, if you do not know your audience yet, you can always rely on Facebook as it customizes and finds your audience easily.

Business on Facebook

Business on Facebook
Business on Facebook

Yeah! In today’s market-filled competition, you need a Facebook battery to charge-up your business.

Facebook offers a large variety of tools for businesses to grow. Companies now often operate and connect with their consumers directly through Facebook. Businesses also get the advantage of selling and promoting their products online.

Businesses often collaborate with famous creators in order to increase their online as well as offline reach.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

Benefits of  Facebook Marketing
Benefits of Facebook Marketing
  • Increased Sales: Advertisements undoubtedly helps in increasing the sale record of the company. It converts shoppers into buyers with their smart advertisement algorithm.
  • Building Your Brand: Startups usually have a hard time making their brand value, but through social media its easy to create an awareness for your brand and find your audience.
  • Connectivity: Brands who manage their social media closely gets advantage of being aware of the consumer needs and feedback. It also gives an idea of new trends to keep up with.

Tips to build an influential Facebook Marketing page

  • Connect your page with your other media handles like YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Do mention your official website and email address for better interaction.
  • Put up a presentable picture on the cover like your trade mark or logo. Create content according to the latest online trends. It helps you to get your content seen by more people in a short period of time.
  • Create promotions and find your target audience. Social media is all about finding and creating your space. Advertisements are a great and affordable way to grow your reach organically.
  • Be consistent, sounds easy right? But it’s tough to create content every day. Once you get consistent with your page, you can easily grow at a good pace.


Facebook marketing is a platform that offers a variety of highly targeted paid advertisements and organic posts, allowing companies to put their products and services in front of the audience. Over the last decade, Facebook has shifted from the most prominent social medium on the internet into one of the biggest marketplaces.

A friendly suggestion: Don’t go out paying for fake followers as it could cause more harm than good. One can easily figure out your authenticity by looking at your page. So grow slow, grow organically!

Aman Shah

Aman Shah

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