How To Excel At YouTube Marketing In 2021, A Detailed Study

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YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing focuses on building your brand/company and helps in creating an audience for you. Today, we’ll get to know about everything one must know to grow their YouTube Channel as well as other online platforms.

YouTube has grown since 2005 as a video sharing website. In a short period of time, it has managed to build a monopoly in their field of work. YouTube was formed by three PayPal employees – Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. It was bought by google in 2006 for US$ 1.65 Billion. It is a free platform to share and watch videos. YouTube Marketing is very influential tool to grow your brand or business.

YouTube being the second largest search engine, holds the potential to grow any business or brand. YouTube Marketing is something a brand needs in order to grow holistically. Nowadays videos hold a greater impact over any type of content on the internet. YouTube has 1.3 Million active users with 30 Million visitors every day. That makes it a perfect destination for growing and learning. You must learn how to use YouTube influentially so that you could master the art of content creation.

How To Market On YouTube

Switch to Business Account

Switching your account to a business account is always helpful in order to reach out to more people by using its features. Business accounts allows you to customize the interface of your channel with your color, logos and graphics. It also helps with marketing and promotions. Switching to a business account is an essential step towards YouTube marketing. Let’s see how you can request for a Brand Channel:

  • Go to the Brand Channel page on the YouTube web page
  • Select ‘Contact Your YouTube Representative’
  • Fill up the request form as to why your channel should be changed to a Brand Channel
  • A YouTube representative will get in touch with you regarding your request.


Presentation plays a major role in Youtube Marketing. YouTube is all about videos, so you cannot miss out on quality. Here are some few things to keep in mind before uploading any video:

  • Choose a good cover and profile picture for your account. Your cover picture should also tell more about your channel.
  • Maintain a decent video quality and use attractive titles as well as thumbnails. Do not click bait wrong information to attract the audience as it can have a negative impact on your video.
  • Description of your videos should have all the necessary details like your social media handles, credits and other useful information.
  • Create playlists according to the type of videos for better interaction with the audience.


The most important thing, many channels have grown despite of poor video quality just on the basis of great content. Your content needs to be different and appealing at the same time. Creating content is not easy as it requires new ideas every day. Staying consistent helps in the long run. Youtube marketing becomes easy as you improve your content. As they say, Content is king, do you know why? A good content never gets wasted. Grow other online platforms as well, as it helps creating more audience, click here to know more about social media growth. Now let’s look into some tips for creating an original content for your YouTube channel:

  • Keep a track of the current social and political scenario as well as the online trends to get some idea. Don’t try to copy, rather take inspiration.
  • Know your purpose of creating content. Have a clear image about your vision of the channel whether its humor, Informative or cooking in order to create your content accordingly.
  • Try to improve your content every day. Lastly, have patience in the process, do not let the views or likes hinder your consistency. It takes time to grow on online platforms but it’s worth it!

In Short

According to the statistics, 82% of the internet traffic is for the video content and YouTube shares a major part of it. Every brand/ Content Creator is operating a YouTube channel as there is a high demand for video content online. Thus YouTube marketing is highly recommended for big brands as well as start-ups.

So if you are starting out or have YouTube channel that you want to grow, follow these steps and believe in your content. If you’re having a hard time choosing your brand name, click here. It’s never too late to launch a YouTube Channel that you always wanted to have. Good Luck!

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