How to leverage Email Marketing for your Online Business in 2020

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email marketing

What is Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing
What is Email Marketing

In this article, you will learn about What is Email Marketing and How to Leverage Email Marketing for your Online Business.

Email marketing is the use of electronic-mail to promote products or services while developing relationships with potential customers or clients. It is essentially direct mail done electronically instead of through the postal service.

It is an effective digital marketing strategy that involves sending emails to prospects and customers. This valuable tactic can be used for a variety of purposes, including driving conversions, promoting products, or generating interest and loyalty in your brand.

The rise of Email Marketing

The year 2020 has been a roller-coaster ride for all kind of businesses. Millions of businesses, who were not leveraging on Digital Marketing tools, started showing their Online presence following the pandemic.

Among all the Digital Marketing tools, email marketing has been the most underutilized tool. The reason is simple, they didn’t know how to leverage email marketing for their business.

In the following section, you will learn the importance of Email Marketing and the ways through which one will understand on how to leverage Email Marketing.

What is the most important medium to contact a business?

Contact business
Contact Business

Is it a website or a Facebook page? No. The answer is an email.

Every business which starts its functioning must have a professional email to communicate with its customers.

In the era of Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal, the relevance of business-email has not phased out. Businesses still revolve around the email, and for many customers, it is the first reach of contact with their business partners.

How to Leverage Email Marketing

How to Leverage Email Marketing
How to Leverage Email Marketing

There are few tips mentioned below on how to leverage email marketing.

Create your Subscriber List

Who will you send the emails when you don’t have subscriber list! It is therefore important that you build a list of subscribers that will engage with your content.

Well, the “how to leverage email marketing” is worthless if you don’t have subscriber list.

If you are not gaining new subscribers, your recipients will start to unsubscribe or stop engaging with your content and quickly your campaigns will go from successful to failure. That’s why you should add a subscriber box across your website, add a subscribe button during the order process, and ask prospects to sign up to your email marketing list. This way you will have a constant influx of subscribers to engage with.

Personalize your content

When sending an email campaign to any group, research has shown that personalizing the content to the customer increases conversions and helps to build trust with your audience. Personalization includes variety of options like- adding subscriber’s name in the opening of the email, or tailoring the content in an email depending on your customer’s previous purchases.

Segment your audience

Segmenting your audience means that you place subscribers into carefully created  lists. These lists can be based on parameters like on demographics, psychographics, subscriber status, or products bought.

Create an Email Calendar

This is the important tip on how to leverage email marketing.

When your email subscriber list grows to the size where you cannot remember the whole list, it is time to create an email calendar where you can plan the email campaigns to go out, highlighting who they should be sent to, and the content inside them.

You can then create content ahead of time and schedule the emails so that you have more time to spend on optimizing your website and focus on increasing sales.

Email Statistics

Email Statistics
Email Statistics

Below are the statistics regarding the usage of emails:

  • There are around 3.9 billion daily active email users.
  • 35% of business professionals check emails from their mobile device.
  • 74% of millennials prefer communicating for business via email.
  • Number of active email accounts surpassed 5.6 billion in 2019.
  • 80% of the businesses believe that email marketing increases their customer retention.

Therefore, not knowing on how to leverage email marketing has costed lot many corporate-houses to miss out on millions of opportunities which could have, otherwise, brought them so much of fortune.

Before starting Email marketing, you should first have an email list of your audience and should know how to create an email subscribers list.

Once you have the email list, there are various things you can follow-up simultaneously in order to interact with your audience.

  • Engage at least once a week rather than spamming them daily with emails.
  • Send personalized emails using simple and casual text.
  • As a professional business-person, you should use lesser images, videos, and graphics. Even the choice of words should be watched out. The professional approach will have a positive impact on your subscriber.
  • Improve your click through rate of your emails via telling engaging stories and using multiple links in your email (not more than three).
  • Anchor text of your links should always be casual and not like the title of your web-page.

Use of Anchor Text

Anchor text is the visible, clickable text in a form of hyperlink. It navigates you from one website to another or from one platform to another. Below is an Example for Anchor Text, namely – Five tips and Epigroww.

Anchor Text
  • Whenever there is a new post on your website, always share it on the web via your social media channels and email.
  • Try to give a share button in your email; however, avoid stuffing your it with links, social media handles, and share button.

Dont’s of Email Marketing

When you are learning about how to leverage email marketing, do not rush in sending random emails to your newly created subscriber list.

Sending random emails has never helped any business or even a person in a long run. This not only leaves the sender disappointed, it also dents the credibility and authenticity of the organization as a whole.

Gmail and Outlook have devised mechanisms where they give primary emphasis to the deliverability, Inbox, Open and Click rates.

Thus, you need to be very careful while sending the emails. Send emails only to those who really need it. Further, constantly scrub your email list at least once in two months. There are various email providers but Convert Kit unlike other email service provider helps you scrub your email list based upon your CTR.

Email Marketing Tools

Email Marketing  Tools
Email Marketing Tools

Okay, so how to leverage email marketing without the tools? Well, here’s the help right in front of you. There are many Email Marketing Tools with which one can leverage email marketing to grow his or her online business.

Below, you can find some of the most popular email marketing tools:

  • HubSpot
  • Convert Kit
  • SendPulse
  • Moosend
  • SendInBlue
  • Pepipost
  • Mailchimp
  • Zoho Campaigns
  • Mailjet
  • Benchmark
  • MailerLite
  • ExpressPigeon
  • Stripo
  • Kickbox

You can use any of the above mentioned tool as per your need.

Enjoyed reading How to Leverage Email Marketing? Then you will surely enjoy Social Media: Sneak-Peek in 2021

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