5 Tips To Protect Your Brand Identity In 2021

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Brand Identity

Brand Identity is an integral part of a company to create an audience as well as to stand apart from other brands in the market. Having a well-establish brand identity reflects a sense of nature of your company, with the help of logos, colours, trademarks etc. Protecting your brand image is a big concern as it is very easy for other brands to copy or steal your products and ideas, if you are not aware about the documentation. So it’s better be prepared than sorry.

Learn the important tips to safeguard your brand identity before starting up or even y running a business. Having all the necessary documents not only saves you from piracy but also makes your brand more trustworthy. That’s where the power of branding comes in, as the relationship between the brand and the customer is solely based on trust and the value that it adds to the customer’s life. It is the brand value which makes a buyer choose your product every time. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to protect your brand identity.

5 Tips To Protect Your Brand Identity

1. Domain

First and foremost, get a domain name if you haven’t till now. Creating your brand’s website is a crucial part in establishing your brand identity. The website would help you with better engagement with the clients as well as the employees. An official website creates a good impact in your brand value.

2. Copyright

Copyright your brand’s logo and name for sure. In order to prevent other brands from copying your design or name, it is suggested to get it copyright as soon as you start up your company. Often, it is compulsory to get your work copyright before Publishing/ Selling. Learn how to copyright for free, click here.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is also equally important to create your unique identity online. Presence on social media helps your brand in engaging with the customers as well as to get valuable feedback. Your brand’s online reputation have major relevance in today’s world, as most of the companies are selling their goods online. Creating an influential online presence of your brand helps in reaching out to more and more people.

4. Patents

Get the unique features of your brand patent. You don’t want other brands to use your ideas or inventions for their own benefit. Getting your product or design patent helps in the security of your brand identity and helps you to grow in the long run.

5. Awareness

Being legally aware is very crucial in this transparent online world where information is so easily accessible. Getting your paperwork done right in every aspect helps in safeguarding your brand identity whenever it gets questioned by any other brand or law.


Copying ideas and features of a brand is very easy nowadays. If you don’t pay attention with your brand’s security then you could easily lose the uniqueness which sets you apart. I suggest you to take care of the legal documentation part before starting up your company or business. Follow the tips to make sure that your brand is safe and secure.

Also addressing the issue of stealing or copying a brand’s identity is in short very unethical. Small brands or start-ups try to imitate the popular ones instead of creating something unique and different which can set them apart. Stealing one’s brand identity could lead to low reputation and brand value. So I would recommend building your unique brand and having belief in your ideas. Last but not the least, stay patient. 

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Aman Shah

Aman Shah

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