What is Influencer Marketing and its Types

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What is Influencer Marketing?

What is Influencer Marketing? Suppose One day you have a Client that belongs to the Finance Industry and is basically a Stockbroker. The Client wants to generate leads and build his own personal brand on Instagram. Now you might think that creating Reels and posting finance-related Content would the best choice and the go-to-Market strategy for the client. But there can be different ways rather than creating reels.

You can approach people on Instagram who posts content related to finance and Stock Market, then you can ask them to endorse or even give a shout out for the Services provided by your Client. Here the person who endorses or promotes the Services of your Client is an Influencer.

Fundamentally, Influencer Marketing is a part of Social Media Marketing. An Influencer is a person who has build a loyal following and community of their followers, who trust the word of the Influencer and also gets inspired by the Influencer. The Influencer endorses and promotes products and services of various Brands by encouraging its community to use them. Unlike running Sponsored Ads, Influencer have an unfair advantage of the innate connection they have with their followers. They have already created their Audience and carry Social proof.

So now One would Ask. Does Influencer Marketing really works?


But Before getting started with Influencer Marketing, know more about Influencer Marketing and its Important KPI’s to monitor when running an Influencer Campaign.

Now you are well aware of the term Influencer Marketing, But unaware of its types. Here are a few examples of Influencer Marketing campaigns to learn from and below are some of the types and ways through which you can your campaign.

What is Influencer Marketing?
Influencer Marketing

Types of Influencer Marketing

There are 8 types of Influencer marketing campaigns.

  1. Sponsored Social Media posts: This is the most common type of influencer marketing where you partner with an Influencer who belongs to the same industry and niche as yours. In this type of Influencer marketing, the influencer endorses or promotes the goods and services of your brand. This not only increases your brand awareness but also there are high chances that there might be conversions or leads.

2. Affiliate Marketing: Second most common form of Influencer Marketing is Affiliate Marketing. In this type of Influencer Marketing, the influencer promotes and endorses the products of your Brand, and where the Influencers receive commission once there is a sale from their Influencing and promotion. You can create discount codes using the name of Influencer and that date code can be used to avail discounts at the checkout page. Once the order gets confirmed the Influencer receives its commission. This is one of the most effective forms of influencer marketing where you can track your progress as well as the performance of the influencer.

3.Social Takeover: This form of Influencer might be alien to some of you but it’s highly effective. Here the Brand firstly needs to do quite a bit of research to find the right influencer, who really associates herself/himself with the brand. The influencer is asked to take over the brand pages on almost all social media handles for a certain period of time. The influencer then has to promote the content of the brand, Go-Live, take selfies and stories. This method of Influencer Marketing has been highly successful and is in fact innovation in the Influencer Marketing industry.

4.Sponsored Blogs: Blogs and Magazine Articles are supposed to drive more sales in comparison to sponsored posts. This is primarily because of the trust which a blog and Magazine hold. Writing a blog or an Article takes more time and effort, here the user understands this parity between blogs and sponsored posts. Therefore getting a blog sponsored means a blog written by a known blogger who talks about your brand or the services you provide helps in increasing brand awareness and conversions.

5. Gifts and Unboxing Videos: Influencers love free gifts and they unlike anyone eagerly wait for Gifts. Therefore you as a brand can send free gifts and request them to showcase their gifts via sharing unboxing videos, which you can promote on your social pages. These unboxing videos will require the influencers to showcase your Brands product which the followers can see. Make sure you keep your products in well-packaged condition before sending them out for delivery.

Adding this to your feed can promote sales as your following will know that you are selling a product worth purchasing.

6. Ambassador Program: Lastly, You can create and run Ambassador programs with those particular influencers who are most closely associated with your brand and niche. These Influencers who act as ambassadors will promote and share images, stories and articles related to your brand on a regular basis. Creating a few Ambassadors with great reach will help in creating a good brand image as having ambassadors is always been considered an expensive thing which only great brands can afford.

Danish Abbasi

Danish Abbasi

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