Top 4 Helpful WordPress Plugins for Amazon Affiliate Sites

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Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online. With the Amazon Affiliate Program in India, you can easily earn a substantial income right from the comfort of your home.  Amazon has millions of products, but you need to create a mini-store with limited products on a specific niche market. For Amazon affiliate sites, you can create a web store and get the original content through Amazon’s Product Advertising API key. You can easily import specific products with the API key, and the products will be synchronized and updated automatically.

Running an Amazon Affiliate Store is among the more popular ways of running what is essentially a retail business while focusing only on marketing and making the sale. The beauty of an Amazon affiliate store is that, unlike a traditional online store, you don’t have to worry about shipping, logistics, inventory, or managing orders. Amazon handles everything.

Best WordPress Plugins for Amazon Affiliate Sites

Ready to create your Amazon affiliate store on WordPress? WordPress is endlessly flexible, thanks to its use of plugins. When starting an affiliate site with Amazon’s program, you’ll want to research your plugin options to find the best fit for your site. To help you out, here are some Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins that are ideal for integrating your WordPress site with your Amazon affiliate account. 

  • Easyazon 
amazon affiliate sites

Easyazon is one of the most helpful tools for amazon affiliate sites on WordPress. This plugin creates Amazon affiliate links from within your WordPress post editor quickly. This plugin helps you to create text affiliate links for any product without going through the time-consuming steps of manually creating links from within the website

EasyAzon is an easy-to-use plugin. You just need to install this plugin and set up your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key from Amazon. These keys are required in order to send requests to Amazon and retrieve details about products.

On the plugin setting page, you will also notice the options for affiliate links toggle to open it in new windows and have the nofollow attribute applied. This plugin supports every location that has an Amazon Associates affiliate program.

  • AAPro
amazon affiliate sites

AAPro is short for Amazon Affiliate Pro WordPress plugin that brings a ton of creative and innovative features. If you always wanted to become an Amazon affiliate, earning commission for each sale you make, you came to the right place. We bring you a broad collection of different solutions that will get you going in little to no time. And AAPro is one of the top tools that will help you create a powerful WordPress platform both generic or niche.

There are very many features you can take to your advantage when you gain access to AAPro. From manual and auto product import and on-site cart to in-depth analytics, reviews and multiple search methods, AAPro sports it all and then some. You can also tag products, utilize practical short codes and create the exact layout that matches your project idea perfectly. The final creation will also be fully responsive and cross-browser compatible.

  • Amazon Affiliate for WordPress (AAWP) 
amazon affiliate sites

Amazon Affiliate for WordPress (AAWP) is a wonderful plugin that helps you to insert and localize Amazon Affiliate Products for your site without leaving WordPress. Besides that, it comes with lots of other great features. It simplifies the process of creating automated bestseller lists and new releases.  You do not need to manually enter information for creating product comparison tables for different Amazon products.

Amazon Affiliate for WordPress automatically updates prices via API. You will never face the problem of violating Amazon associate’s terms for out-of-date pricing. Real prices would be displayed all the time.

  • AmazonSimpleAdmin (ASA 1)

AmazonSimpleAdmin, also known as ASA 1, by German developer Timo Reith, is probably one of the best free Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins. It provides a shortcode to integrate Amazon products into widgets, posts, or pages. I have used it on several client projects and received good feedback.

The great thing about ASA is that you can change the design of the products using templates. There are placeholders where you can integrate different product data from Amazon (eg product name, price, product images in various sizes, customer reviews, number of offers available on Amazon, the Amazon logo, product description, and much more).


This is our list of the 4 best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins that are focused on giving products the perceptibility they require on your Amazon Affiliate sites and let you earn revenue from commissions and referrals. If you’re a beginner who is having a problem knowing where to start or you have limited time to go through all the plugins, this guide must be helpful for you.

Aman Shah

Aman Shah

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